Department of Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering (EWCE)

Major Numan-Al-Kibriya, Engrs

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Department of Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering (EWCE)


Room No: 804, 8th Floor, General Mustafiz Tower, MIST

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216


Master of Science in Water Resources Development (WRD), September 2020

Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, January 2015

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh



Storm water and Watershed Management, Climate Change Impact, Flood Inundation Modelling, Erosion and Sediment Management



Assistant Professor                                                December 2020 to Present

Program Coordinator                                               October 2019 to Present   

Department of Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering (EWCE), MIST


Department of Civil Engineering, MIST                          September 2015 to December 2015

Department of EWCE, MIST                                               January 2016 to November 2020



EWC 461: River Engineering and Flood Management

EWC 467: Intergarted Water Resources Management (IWRM)

EWC 262: Fluid Mechanics Sessional

EWC 362: Open Channel Flow Sessional



1. Hydro-Morphological Feasibility Study for Integrated Development of Sheikh Hasina Cantonment, Lebukhali-Patuakhli, Bangladesh                   January 2016 to December 2020


  • Understanding the morphological behavior of Tidal Payra River at Patuakhali and identify the hotspot for riverbank erosion.
  • Support the Topographic survey team from Survey of Bangladesh
  • Conducting Bathymetry and Discharge measurement survey for seasonal period
  • Designing dyke protection work for sand filled area
  • Identifying and designing suitable river bank protection work
  • Monitoring and Management of Bandal-like structures construction and Groynes construction for river bank protection 

2. Bathymetry Survey to support the Feasibility Study for Integrated Development of JahijjarChar.             October to November 2019                                                

Responsibilities: Conducting Bathymetry survey by Echosounder for about 6 km long river channel along Jahijjarchar west of Swandeep channel under Meghna Estuary and post data processing work by Hypack-2016 Software.

3. Development of Integrated Drainage Network to solve Water logging problem of Mymensingh Cantonment.        May 2016 to December 2018



1. Islam, M. K., Al Kibriya, N., & Rahman, M. M. (2021). Assessment of Morphodynamic Baseline of a Tidal River, In the 8th International Conference on Water and Flood Management (ICWFM 2021), 29-31 March 2021, Bangladesh. (Abstract Accepted)

2. Islam, M. K., Al Kibriya, N., & Dustegir, M. M. (2018). Impact analysis of Sand dredging from alluvial tidal river. In E3S Web of Conferences (Vol. 40, p. 03036). EDP Sciences.

 3. Munna, G. M., Kibriya, N. A., Nury, A. H., Islam, S., & Rahman, H. (2015). Spatial distribution analysis and mapping of groundwater quality parameters for the Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) area using GIS. Hydrology, 3(1), 1-10.